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What’s the Deal With Laundry Service?

There are pros and cons of living anywhere. As much as we completely adore State College, for things like safety, small-town feel, and the school system (to name a few) we do tend to be a bit behind the 8-ball in other areas.

One of these areas is in Personal Laundry Service or Wash, Dry, Fold Service. Laundry Service has exploded in big cities and is a huge time saver for people. 

Can you imagine, never doing your laundry again? No more piles of laundry waiting to be folded. No more running out of undies. It feels like a fantasy, doesn’t it? We have great news. It’s available in State College!

Did you know, the average American Family spends 6 hours/week on Laundry? That’s a lot of time that could be used to do something else.  

So the big question is… how’s Laundry Service work?

  1. You collect your dirty laundry, put it in a bag and leave it outside.
  2. Next, your laundry is picked up from your front door.
  3. It’s brought to our faclity and washed in unscented detergent with fabric softener and then dried (all while you enjoy your time doing what’s important to you).
  4. It’s then perfectly folded and bundled together in wrap and placed in a reusable tote bag. The best part is, your clothes are bundled with like items so it’s even easier to put away!
  5. A few days later, your fresh, clean, folded laundry is dropped off on your doorstep.

That’s it. It’s so easy and gives you back hours each week to be with family, work, exercise, read, walk your dog or do whatever you’d like to do.

We have 3 levels available for you to choose from for a huge discount. Or you can use the service to catch up whenever you’d like and pay per lb. 

Looking for more info? Here’s our indepth explanation.

Give it a try! It will change your life.