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Wedding Dress

Pre-wedding Alterations

You’ve found the perfect wedding dress; now let our experienced bridal seamstress
alter it to fit you perfectly. 

Pre-wedding Pressing

Don’t let wrinkles in your wedding gown ruin your big day.  Our wedding gown pressing service will make your gown look flawless. 

We have been handling wedding gowns for over 90 years at our shops and we understand the intricacy and art of a perfect gown steaming.  Typically, when you buy a gown and it’s altered by the dress shop, the seamstress will steam it out.  If you’ve traveled into town for your wedding or received the gown second hand, you may need to steam it prior to the wedding.  If you are traveling to State College for your wedding, please contact us (814.237.7661 or to reserve a spot for steaming.  We like to have 48-hour notice when possible.

We will professionally steam and hand-press your gown and we can even press all of your bridesmaids’ dresses to perfection.

Our tailors have decades of experience specializing in wedding gown alterations.  From hems, to bust adjustments to bustles; your gown will look like it’s out of a fairytale. 

We recommend scheduling your initial fitting of your wedding dress at least two-months in advance as we prefer to have multiple fittings with our brides to ensure their gown is perfect.   

We’re proud that we host a team of experienced wedding dress tailors.  They can even completely re-style a gown.  Call (814) 237-8066 for a consultation at our downtown State College location; right on Beaver Ave!

Wedding Gown Cleaning

Our careful attention to spot/stain removal, hand pressing and steam finishing make us the premier choice for wedding gown cleaning in State College, Lewistown and Bellefonte.

We are the area’s only member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists and the only area dry cleaner who can offer you reassurance that your gown will be cared for by a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist.

All wedding gowns go through a rigorous pre-inspection, pre-spotting, hand-cleaning, post-inspection, steaming, and re-assembly process that typically takes 4-6 weeks.  We meticulously cover or take off beading and/or embellishments as a result of our thorough experience cleaning gowns.

Next, our trained wedding gown specialist will treat every inch of your gown for spots and stains.  This takes an intricate knowledge of fabrics and chemistry and we will spend an unlimited amount of time on your gown in order to successfully remove every stain possible.  Each gown is then cleaned individually to flush out spots/stains and then re-inspected to determine if another round of stain removal is necessary.

We clean gowns locally in our State College facility and preserve them according to standard museum-quality practices.  You are more than welcome to inspect your gown in-person before it’s carefully layered with acid-free tissue and folded into an acid-free, archival-quality wedding gown chest.

Wedding Gown Preservation

With our Wedding Gown Preservation process you will receive a Written Lifetime International Guarantee.  This means we stand behind our cleaning and preservation process and this written guarantee is backed by over 500 member of of Association of Wedding Gown Specialists across the globe.  When your gown is ready to be worn again, simply return it to us or any other member and we will re-inspect and re-steam it at no cost.

We utilize only acid-free (not just ph neutral) materials in our preservation process.  This includes the acid-free preservation chest, tissue and white gloves that will all be packed into your chest.  This significantly prevents the yellowing of your gown over time.  

All gowns are cleaned and preserved right here in State College.  We will never mail your gown or outsource it.  By having your wedding gown cleaned in our facility, you can rest-assured that all invisible stains are treated and the work is being done by a trained wedding gown specialist.  We also invite you to inspect your gown prior to preservation which is impossible if you ship the gown out to a 3rd party.  Your gown will receive a top-quality cleaning and preservation without the anxiety of shipping your dress to an unknown facility.

All preservations are packed into an appropriately-sized chest with an acid-free viewing window so that you can view the dress at any time.  Additionally, we will provide the lifetime guarantee and storage best practices to you once you pickup your gown.

Wedding Gown Courier Service

Don’t live in the State College area?  That’s OK!

We receive a multitude of wedding gown from non-local clients who use our wedding gown courier service.  These clients ship their wedding gown to us because of our reputation in the wedding gown cleaning and preservation field.

Our discriminating customers know we’ll focus on the details so they can relax.

Contact our wedding gown specialist at (814) 237-7661.  We’ve been turning memories into heirlooms since 1927.

Dry Cleaning

Ask our customers.  We’re more than just a dry cleaner. 
We’re your local garment care specialist.

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Customer Testimonials

My seamstress, SunChee, truly tailored garments (7 of them) to my dimensions precisely. I am difficult to fit. To zip up a pair of pants and feel a garment precisely hewn to you is indescribable. More than that is worth a mention here. The dressing room and fit platform are generous with good air circulation. The professional elan SunChee demonstrated was so welcoming, it transformed “a fitting” to a celebratory occasion.
Truly Tailored
Sent my favorite hiking jacket in for dry cleaning & for them to replace a button. Upon return the jacket looked way better than when I purchased it new. They went as far as to replace all the buttons so they all would match. WOW, what service! Highly recommend Balfurd’s.
The alterations that Lisa made on the two tops I brought her are exactly what I was hoping for. I moved to State College over a year ago from Seattle, and have been shopping for a tailor ever since. She is the fourth one in town that I tried, and I've already made an appointment to go see her again. I highly recommend her.
Highly Recommend
Always take in shirts for washing, pressing with light starch and have them placed on hangers. Balfurd always does a superb job. Shirts are returned in excellent condition and in a timely manner. All in all, they do a fantastic job. We are always well pleased with their work!
Fantastic Job