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Do you ever wonder how some people look AMAZING in their clothing?  They may have the same jacket on as you but they somehow look better in it.  The truth is, they likely use a tailor to ensure that their clothing fits them perfectly.  

None of us are a standard size.  Some of us are size 8 and tall, or short, or with large hips or narrow shoulders.  So how can we buy the same size as someone with an entirely different body type and expect us all to look equally great?  The key is getting your clothing professionally tailored.

Obviously not every garment that you wear needs to be tailored but it’s recommended for suits, coats and other professional clothing that’s supposed to be fitted. So what do you do?  Always buy an item so that it fits the largest part of you whether that’s hips or chest or anything else.  It’s much easier (and cheaper) to take in items than let them out, so don’t buy things snug.  Ill-fitting garments make you look sloppy and bigger than you actually are, regardless if they’re too big or too small.  The best part is, if you find a great deal on a sale rack, you can purchase it knowing there’s only a small additional investment to get it fitted to you!

Remember, a professional and reputable tailor will know how to measure and fit you.  We have 3 amazing tailors with over 60 years of experience in the industry at our Beaver Ave location.  Lisa, Caitlyn and Sunhee have a depth of experiences in men’s tailoring, bridal alterations, pattern making and even creating custom draperies. 

Call 814.237.8066 to schedule an appointment!