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The Best Time of Year to Clean Your Clothing

Did you know there are specific times of the year that are better to clean your garments and household items?  We get this question from many customers and wanted to address this query.  Here’s a quick reference guide to help:

Stained Garments: ASAP!  The sooner you can get a stained garment in for cleaning, the better.  Over time, stains can permanently alter the fibers of a garment or pull it’s color making them impossible to remove. This can include any garments stained by food or even pant legs stained with salt from the winter.  If the garment can be laundered, try washing it at home but don’t dry it.  Take a look and see if the stains are gone.  If they are, go ahead and dry it, if not, bring it to your dry cleaner for professional help.

Coats: Springtime.  This includes, wool, leather, and suede.  These items  should be cleaned in the spring when you’re done wearing them but before they’re stored for the season.  Food, perspiration, and dander are favorite foods of moths, carpet beetles, and silverfish so it’s important to remove all stains.  Plus those stains can set over the hot summer months making them difficult to remove later.

Sweaters: Springtime, same as coats above.  It’s important to make sure they are cleaned to remove stains before they are packed away for the season.  We see so many sweaters with insect damage which can be preventable.  (Don’t use moth balls, the odor can be virtually impossible to remove, even for us!). Also make stored folded and not hanging as this can stretch them out in combination with the humidity.

Uggs: Springtime. Like stained garments, Uggs accumulate salt stains which can permanently change their color.  Have them before you’re ready to put them away for the season.

Rugs: Early summer.  Although winter may have made your rugs a mess, spring can be muddy too!  Wait until the April/May showers are done to clean your rug so you’re not messing it up right away again.  Vacuuming only removes the top layer of dirt.  An annual cleaning will extend the life of your rug and make sure you remove all the ground in dirt and salt.

Comforters/Spreads: At least twice a year.  Most people opt to clean their comforters once each season but may skip winter so they have them during the cold months.  Others do a monthly cleaning.  A lot depends on if you have pets sleeping in your bed and what other covers you may use.  A professional cleaning will help kill any dust mites and remove skin flakes that accumulate while you’re sleeping.

Any other items can be cleaned as needed.  Have a garment question?  We’re happy to help!