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State College Laundry Service

Sick of doing laundry? We get it and we’re here to give you your time back with a laundry service for Penn State students and families in State College.

Laundry tops the list of America’s most hated chore. And for a good reason! The typical American family spends 6 hours every week on laundry-related tasks.

Our mission is to lower that number so you can spend your precious hours doing what’s important to you. Unlike you, we love doing laundry! And how nice would it be to have someone else wash, dry, and fold your laundry? We use only unscented detergents and softeners to accommodate even the most sensitive folks.

Our State College laundry service offers a door-to-door laundry service that will pick up your dirty laundry from your front door and deliver it back once it’s clean. It’s simple. You don’t even need to be home! Store a credit card on file for contactless laundry pickup and laundry delivery.


Whether you’re a Penn State student, a busy parent looking to lighten your laundry load, or a working professional that wants to spend their hours enjoying their life, our laundry service in State College can help. 

Sign up today for a subscription plan that can save you a boatload of money!

Or use a laundry service on demand by visiting one of our convenient locations.

The choice is yours but we know that once you try laundry service you’ll never want to fold your clothing again.