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Prepping Your Winter Hats, Gloves and Scarves

Remember last spring when you bagged up your hats, gloves, and scarves and put them in the back of your closet?  Well, it’s time to get them out and ready for the impending cold weather.

It’s important to inspect these items before wearing them. Many of us are so happy to see Spring arrive, we just throw our hats, scarves and gloves in a bag without properly cleaning them. If you take a look and see that they’re soiled, now’s the time to clean them.

If there are care labels on winter accessories, follow instructions carefully .  Many synthetics are hand or machine washable.  Often times tumble drying is recommended. Make sure that you use a low temperature setting.

Wool, fur, and leather accessories may require our assistance in cleaning.  Some will say clean by a leather/fur specialist only.  Don’t do these at home as you could permanently damage them.  These materials require special cleaning and finishing procedures.  Any known stains should be pointed out when you leave them with us so we can give special attention to them. Certain items are prone to specific stains, for example, ladies scarves tend to have make-up stains on them, while hats may have perspiration on the brow. 

Most items will clean beautifully, but accessories, particularly gloves, are exposed to many staining substances that sometimes cannot be removed.  The best course of action is to clean them before you store them but if you did wait until fall, it may not be too late.

Need help cleaning your winter accessories? Contact us at or 814.237.7661.