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Laundry Services

The Perfect Executive Shirt

 Creating a clean and crisply pressed executive shirt is our passion.

 From French cuffs to tailored fit, we can handle any of today’s fashions.  There’s just something about how you look and feel in a perfectly pressed shirt.

Don’t waste your valuable time ironing shirts, let us do it for you.

We guarantee they’ll look perfect.

Personalized Service

With our personalized service program, you pick your starch preferences and packaging preferences.  We save your preferences so that your shirts will come back perfect every time.

Our Laundry Process

From the moment you drop off, your shirts are treated like royalty. 

We identify and remove stains from your favorite shirts.  Our trained stain removal expert has years of experience and the best products available to remove even the most stubborn stains.  We can help “save” your favorite shirt from the trash.

All shirts and blouses are gently washed and machine or hand pressed with just the level of starch you request. 

Our finished shirts are closely inspected for broken buttons which are replaced with matching thread free of charge. 

Each collar is supported with plastic butterflies to prevent drooping and French cuffs are folded down and clipped.

Wash, Dry and Fold Laundry Service

Let us do your dirty laundry.  With our Suds by Balfurd Dry Cleaner wash, dry and fold service we will clean your clothing with unscented detergent, dry them on warm and fold them perfectly before returning them in a bag for you.  It’s that easy.  What else could you be doing with 6 hours/week besides laundry?

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Free pick-up and delivery service to your home or office

Signing up for our free pick-up and delivery service is easy.  Just leave your dirty clothes out and clean and pressed clothes are delivered right to your home or office. 

Your time is too valuable to spend driving to the dry cleaner.  Let us come to you.

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Hear from it from our customers

"Always a great job! I can count on Balfurd like a clock. Drop my pile of shirts off one day and pick them up cleaned and press just a few days later. Never a problem."

-Chris McKee