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How Often to Clean a Comforter

We’re commonly asked: How Often Should I Clean my Comforter?

It’s a great question and one that depends on a few factors. Let’s be honest for a second; comforters can get really gross. You spend 7 or more hours wrapped up in a comforter every night and they typically have some direct skin contact. Because of that, they easily collect dander, hair, mites, and perspiration. Yuck!

So how often should you clean your comforter? It really depends on your individual situation.

4 Times/Year: 

If you have a duvet cover on your comforter, at an absolute minimum you should clean it 4 times/year. Duvet’s help keep comforters a bit cleaner but remember, you should clean the duvet more regularly.

Every other month:

Many people don’t have a duvet on their comforter. In those cases, we recommend every other month. 


There are some scenarios where we do recommend a monthly cleaning:

1). A dog/cat or other animal sleeps in the bed. 

2). You (or a family member) has allergies.

So the next question then is…How can I clean my comforter?

At Home: Many comforters can be cleaned in your washing machine. But that doesn’t come without issues. Washing your comforter in your home washer is REALLY hard on the home washer. Comforters are heavy (even more so when they’re wet) which causes unevenly distributed weight during washing. This will strain the bearings and motor. Also, it’s essential to make sure they are completely dry so you may have to run them through the dryer multiple times. This takes a long time.

At the laundromat: So in order not to put stress your home washer, you can go to the laundromat where the washing machines are bigger. The problem with that is, how much time does that take? Are you willing to spend 2-hours sitting in the laundromat waiting for your comforter to get clean? Most people aren’t.

Take it to your dry cleaner: If you don’t feel like running to the laundromat and want to keep you washer in good working condition, we can help! We clean thousands of comforters each year. Our processes meets the CDC guidelines for killing bacteria and viruses. You will have your comforter back in a few days and you’ll get a great reusable storage bag too. We can even pick it up from your front door and deliver it back to you!