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How Dirty Is Your Bedding?

Have you noticed your baseboards lately? We have…we are having to clean them more frequently because we have so much more foot traffic in our homes! So what does the dirt on your baseboard have to do with your bedding? Everything! With so many more people working from home, doing online school and just being in the house, just like the rest of your home, your bedding is dirtier than ever. 

Sometimes we forget about our household bedding. They blend into our homes so much they become a part of the scenery. These items collect dust and dirt and can become damaged, faded or discolored in their inactivity. Since we see them everyday, gradual changes come about without our noticing.

Trained fabric care professionals like us have the knowledge and equipment to care for your household items so you can enjoy them for many years.

Here are some tips you can use to get the most out your household items:


Comforters collect germs, sweat, pet hair/pet dander and allergens on a nightly basis. We recommend cleaning your comforter 4x a year BUT if your pet or kids sleep with you, clean them at least every other month. 

Tired of trying to stuff your comforter in your home washer and knowing it didn’t get clean? We can process your comforters and quilts to get the dust and grime out of them safely. Our commercial washers can use a higher temperature to kill all bacteria without damaging your fabrics.

Handmade quilts are especially susceptible to dye bleeding when they are cleaned since the fabric components of the quilt vary. We test quilts to ensure no bleeding will ruin it.

Blankets/Throw Blankets

Blankets are available in many fibers and construction types, including wool, cotton, acrylic, polyester, and polyurethane. A blanket’s construction plays a direct role in its thermal qualities and should be cleaned to protect its ability to contain heat. 

Think how often your throw blankets are used during the fall and winter. Now, how often do you clean them? It’s essential to keep those items clean and free of dust and allergens.

Again, blankets should be cleaned 4x/year (or more). Our team is skilled in the methods of cleaning blankets to preserve their heat-retaining qualities and appearance.

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are easier to take off your comforter and clean. Again, 4x a year should suffice unless you have pets and kids in your bed. The problem with duvets is that they’re typically a wrinkled mess once you pull them out of the dryer. So you have to iron them…which takes a long time! Additionally, duvet cover manufacturers ask that people account for 5%-8% shrinkage in cleaning which means it might not fit your comforter.

We can safely clean and press your duvet so it looks perfect on your bed.

Let us help! We know you don’t have time to be washing, drying and ironing your bedding. Send your bedding in for a professional cleaning and simply put them back on the bed when you do. We will even pick up your bedding and deliver it back to your front door. It will save you so much time and give you peace of mind that you’re keeping your household clean for your family.