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Got a Coffee Stain?

Happy National Coffee Day! And what a great day…we wouldn’t survive without our daily cup o’Joe.

Did you know, one of the most common stains we see from our customers are coffee stains.  This is one of those sneaky stains that can be a real head scratcher for us if we’re working with incomplete information. You may not realize it, but some stains, like coffee, can be made up of multiple stains beyond just the obvious presumed cause of the problem.  For our professional spotter, it’s always easier to get out stains when we know what they are because there’s no guesswork(for example, blood and chocolate look strangely similar when dried on a shirt!). 

Coffee stains, for example, often contain milk or other additives, making the stain more difficult to remove since the coffee is a tannin stain and the milk leaves a protein-based stain. Both the coffee and the milk in the coffee are water-based stains, but protein stains require more work to remove.  OK, so enough technical talk!  What we’re trying to say is such stains will have to be treated individually, even though the actual staining occurred at the same time. 

To help your us get out those pesky stains and save your favorite items, let us know how you take your coffee. We know this sounds weird but when you drop off an item (or send it in through our Free Pickup/Delivery Service) with a coffee stain, please inform the customer service representative (or write a note) stating how you take your coffee (i.e., with cream and sugar, milk and sugar, black, etc.).  This will help us remove the stain completely the first time since we’ll know exactly what we’ll know exactly what the stain is made of!