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Caring for Your Drapes

Drapes and curtains may hang for years (and we mean many, many years) between cleanings. Often, exposure to sunlight and changing temperatures lead to fabric damage in drapes. In time, soil and dust in the room, as well as outside atmospheric dirt and gasses from industry, automobiles, and construction, may soil the drapes. Many of these soils can be removed through careful cleaning practices.

Issues with Drapes:

Water stains appear when moisture from condensation on the window, humidity or spilled liquids causes the soils to disperse, leaving a stained area. Moisture may also be responsible for displacing drapery sizing. After the moisture evaporates, a ring or streak may be noticeable because soils can be removed. You may notice discoloration due to light combining with oxygen, which tears down certain chemicals in fibers.

We often hear about white drapes that have yellowed noticeably in certain areas. Most fibers have a natural tendency to slowly oxidize and yellow from aging and atmospheric exposure. Any drapery material used to cover a window is exposed to both direct and indirect light.

How We Can Help:

We offer a take down and rehang service for your drapes. We will schedule and appointment with you, come in and take down your drapers/curtains. We will take them to our facility, located right in State College, and clean and press them. When they’re finished, we’ll schedule a day and time to bring them back and re-hang them. It makes it so easy! 

We’ll clean your drapes and curtains to remove stains, allergens, and dust. You’ll receive your drapes and curtains back perfectly pressed and clean so you can enjoy them for years to come.