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Caring for Sweaters Do’s & Don’ts

Fall is here!

Pumpkin spiced lattes, beautiful Fall foliage, and most importantly, it’s cozy SWEATER SEASON! We sure love a warm, comfy sweater but knitwear is fragile and easy to damage if not cared for properly. In order to keep your sweaters looking great, we’ve put together a list of 8 tips to keep your sweaters in pristine condition.

Here are the 8 Sweater Do’s & Don’ts:

  1. Don’t push up the sleeves! Once or twice may be ok but eventually, the fibers will be damaged to the extent that it can’t be fixed and you’ll only be able to wear it with a pushed up look. On a cold day, that just won’t work.
  2. Do remove your sweaters gently. Take care not to stretch the neck out when putting sweaters on and taking them off.
  3. Don’t wear heavy weight brooches or pins. They’ll pull on the delicate threads and stretch out a specific area. 
  4. Don’t put away a sweater with a pin still attached. If you decide to wear a pin, take it off as soon as possible once you return home.
  5. Do be aware of your accessories. Handbags, belts and large necklaces can be a source of abrasion that can cause pilling and fibers to break.
  6. Don’t  stick an adhesive name tag on. This causes pulls and pilling on your knits.
  7. Don’t hang your sweaters up by the shoulders. Sweaters should be folded over a hanger or stored in a drawer.
  8. Do keep your sweaters clean. Moths, silverfish and other bugs are attracted to stains, old perspiration and dander left on sweaters. To keep moth holes at bay, clean them ever few wears and especially clean them prior to long-term storage.

Most of all, use common sense and good judgment.  As a professioal cleaner, we can typically reverse most damage through reweaving, blocking and de-pilling but that should be a last resort.