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Caring for Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are all the rage. From very high end to box-store brand, decorative pillows can change the entire dynamic in a room. The problem is, they get dirty from kids, pets and their constant use on couches.

Upholstery fabrics used for furniture are usually used to cover decorative pillows. Some pillow covers are removable, while others are not. Your decorative pillows are trapping airborne dust/allergens, they get thrown around by kids or layed on by pets. Most people don’t EVER clean their pillows…yuck!

Most of these items should not be cleaned in your home washer as typically shrink, the dye may bleed and your home washer isn’t sophisticated enough to safely clean them in a temperature to kill all of the bacteria. We’re able to test the dyes in these items and our commercial washers can clean them at higher temperatures to safely to kill all of the bacteria that have accumulated on them. All while keeping your pillows safe.

You invested a lot into your decorative pillows, let us help you keep them clean and sanitized and extend their life. We will even pick them up and deliver them right back to your door! Sign up for our FREE Pickup & Delivery Service today!