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Suds PSU Laundry Service

Suds Wash & Fold Service for Penn State Students

Your laundry, picked up and delivered back right to you! Are you ready to save 4+ hours each week?

Imagine never folding a single piece of laundry again! With Suds Wash and Fold Service by Balfurd Dry Cleaner, you can focus on the best parts of your college experience.

Before we tell you all about this life-changing service, let’s talk about who it’s really for. You’re a busy student with no shortage of ambition who’s tired of spending your limited free time on chores. You’re ready to focus on what’s important to YOU, whether that’s an internship, increasing your GPA or interviewing for jobs and don’t want to be bogged down by your laundry. You want to create a life that gives you freedom to do what YOU want whenever and however you’d like.

You’ll get 15 lbs of laundry washed, dried and folded every week for only $99/month. That’s less than $25/week to never think about laundry again.

It’s easy to start…just fill out the form below.

1. Sign up!

It’s easy! Quickly sign up using the form below.

2. Fill your bag with dirty laundry

We will pickup your laundry right from your door! No need to waste time making a trip.

3. Receive a delivery of clean and folded laundry

It’s really that easy. 

We tailored this program for busy Penn State students to focus on what’s important to their college experience: whether that’s studying, hanging with friends, exercising, or working; you can do what’s important to you. Never waste your precious time in a laundry room again!

With each plan you will receive:

  • Enjoy FREE pickup of your laundry from your door on a designated day so you don’t have to struggle with heavy bags. Expect FREE delivery of your clean laundry two to three days later, depending on where you live, in our Big Blue reusable bag.
  • If you prefer, bring your laundry to one of our 2 locations and it will be ready for pickup after 5 p.m. on the next business day
  • Your items are kept separate from other client orders, and beautifully folded and packaged for their return to you
  • Always washed with unscented detergent
  • Every client’s laundry is washed and dried separately

Suds Laundry Service Signup for PSU Students