Personalized Laundry Service

Laundry Service

In today's busy world, doing your laundry leaves you less time to spend with your family, finish work projects and relax. Our door-to-door convenience makes getting your laundry done as simple as leaving a bag outside your door. 

We separate, wash, dry and fold your laundry using the care that our clients have come to expect.  We use odorless and biodegradable detergents keeping our clients preferences in mind as well being mindful of our environmental impact.

Your laundry comes back in a reusable eco2go Wash N' Fold Bag wrapped and ready to put away!

All this for ONLY $1.96/lb!

How it works

  1. Put your dirty laundry in one of our "Big Blue" balfurd bags (no need to seperate darks and lights).  **Bags are 20'' x 15'' with a 14'' gusset.
  2. Bring the bag to one of our convenient locations or use our FREE pickup and delivery service.
  3. We return your laundry clean, neatly folded and wrapped.

This service is ideal for:

  • Busy professionals looking to outsource this chore
  • Young families with a high volume of laundry and not enough time
  • Massage offices, gyms or doctor's offices
  • Students living in apartments or dorms
  • Individuals using Airbnb or other rental sites to rent their homes for PSU events
  • Elderly individuals who have trouble keeping up with their laundry

Want to know more?

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