Common questions about the dry cleaning industry.

Common Questions

Dry Cleaning is a mystery to most people.  What are we actually doing to your clothes?  Why do we charge what we do?  We wanted to answer some of our customers' most frequent questions.

What actually happens to my clothes at the dry cleaner?

All dry cleaning means is without water.  Dry cleaning operates under the same principles as washing except rather than using water to deliver soap to a garment, it uses a solvent.  The fibers that make up your typical dry clean garment cannot handle being soaked in water so solvent is a more delicate alternative.  The solvent carries detergent to clothing which bonds to dirt, oils, dander and stains, lifting it away.  Dry Cleaning is not something that you can replicate at home by throwing items in the dryer with a dryel sheet.

Why are you considered a Green Dry Cleaner?

Being a green cleaner means that we do everything we can to make sure we operate in a sustainable way.  The biggest way we do this is using Professional Wetcleaning Technology and K4 rather than perc.  We are proud to be the ONLY dry cleaner servicing State College doing so.  We also use biodegradable soap in our laundry department.  Our entire facility has LED lighting and we recycle all hangers and plastic coverings.

Why are all dry cleaners priced differently?

Many people think dry cleaning is dry cleaning and that one cleaner isn't different than another; but that's not true.  Dry Cleaning is a service industry and there are a lot of ways to cut corners.  Just as you can get a haircut for $20 or $100 dollars depending on where you go, dry cleaning prices depend on a variety of factors.

We are considered a higher end cleaner for a few reasons:

·        Our green cleaning technology

·        Free pick-up and delivery service to your home or office

·        Availability of VIP service at the counter

·        Extensive and ongoing staff training

·        Phenomenal customer service

·        Replacement of shirt buttons free of charge

·        Belief that we should pay a fair and living wage with benefits to our staff

·        Ensuring that every garment is pressed and inspected to perfection

·        100% satisfaction guarantee

If price is your only consideration, we may not be the cleaner for you.  If you’re looking for exceptional value and clothes that look like-new, we’re your cleaner.  Dry cleaning is an art that we have mastered over the last 90 years.

How long does dry cleaning take? What are your hours?

Our normal turn around is 3-business days.  We know that’s not conducive to everyone’s schedule so we also offer a same day service (in by 10am back to you by 5pm ,Monday-Friday).

We are open Monday-Friday from 8am-7pm. We also have FREE pickup and delivery service if these hours aren't convenient.

Do you have a tailor or seamstress?

Yes!  We have 3 full-time tailors that work out of our Beaver Ave location.  They specialize in large or small repairs and even have decades of experience in wedding dress alterations.  We always recommend you setup a fitting with them if you’re not exactly sure what you need.  You can schedule a tailoring appointment online  or call 814.237.8066.